improved storage upgrade process

I want to recommend a better storage upgrade path:

Instead of having to shut down the VPS, upgrade the storage, then startup the VPS, why not rather queue the commands, and add a schedule to it?

For example, I want to upgrade a client’s VPS from 20GB to 40GB, so I then instruct CloudMin to upgrade VPS1 to 40GB @ 23:00 on Sunday, or Tuesday, etc.

CloudMin then runs the schedules upgrade at the specified time as such:
confirm that there’s enough space left on the server before doing the upgrade. if the total HDD space is less then the new expected space, then exit the process and email the CloudMin owner / admin about it
elseif the HDD space is enough, continue to the following steps:
shutdown VPS
upgrade disk space
startup VPS
send admin email notification about successful space upgrade.

That’s a nice idea, and could even be extended to other intrusive changes that require a reboot. It would be non-trivial to implement though, so may not be available for a few releases…

BTW, I have just implemented this for inclusion in Cloudmin 4.2

Thanx for adding this Jamie :slight_smile:

Can I ask that you also please display the server’s time on the page where you schedule the changes? We have servers in 3 different countries, on different timezones, so this seems to sometimes cause a problem. I first need to login to the server to check the time on the server before doing the schedule.

Good idea … I will add a field showing the current date and time to that page.