Improper disk space reported

I have read other posts about improper disk usage reporting, but this is happening on a newly created domain. When I create this particular domain, it reports that it is taking up 1.2GB, when it is actually closer to 15MB. I created a test server with identical settings and that took up 654KB. I have deleted the domain in question and recreated it several times and each time it reports taking up 1.2GB. There are no email accounts set up or databases. I am baffled. Any ideas?


Hey Steve,

Virtualmin mostly gets this data from the system disk quotas. If they’re wrong, then it’s a problem at the system level. In this case, it sounds like maybe a user account was deleted without deleting all of his or her data, and this new account is picking up the UID or GID of the old user, which would lead to quotas being off (it’s also plausible that the old user was cleaned up properly, but quotas weren’t updated during that cleanup for some reason).

Check the Webmin:System:Disk Quotas page, force a re-calculation of disk usage, and then see what this users usage looks like. If the Disk Quotas page, after the update, continues to report 1.2GB, then this user actually have 1.2 GB of data laying about somewhere on the filesystem in question, and your mission will be to figure out where. :wink:

(I’m now pretty confident that Virtualmin never misreports disk usage on the officially supported platforms–though sometimes the underlying kernel disk quota tools do, until a recalc has occurred.)