Importing a server, webmail not created.

Hi People.

I have, as I promised, been quiet for a while but sorry to say, I have come back to haunt you all again.

I have been slowly moving customers to the new server which has VM 3.73 Pro on CentOS 5.3.

The old server is Version 3.29 GPL on Fedora 5.

When moving servers to the new box I am backing up using the VM “Backup Virtual Server” button. I am copying that backup file to the new server and using the “Restore Backup” link in VM “Backup and Restore” menu.

I left all options as defaults and the server seemed to be installed correctly and it works.

There is one thing that I want set up which I cannot find an automated method to do. That is setting up Webmail. There are no entries in Bind for webmail and very little in the Apache directives.

Is there an easy way to resolve this and bring the domain/VH into line with the default for VM?

Thanks for reading

First, I’m glad to see you’re moving away from Fedora, that’ll make your life as a server admin a lot easier :slight_smile:

As far as the webmail goes – are you saying that you wish to take some existing domains, and setup the redirects in each of them?

You should be able to do that from the command line – if you run “virtualmin modify-web”, you can see a list of options relating to web settings.

You’ll see a “–webmail” option in that list.

So then, while you should take a look at the available options to make sure this does what you want, running something like this might be what you’re after:

virtualmin modify-web --webmail --all-domains

Thanks Andreychek, After a few dumb mistakes (perhaps I should change my name to “Wisdumb” ) that did work and the users for that domain now have webmail. Excellent !

I am concerned that I might be storing up problems for the future though.

When I import a Virtual Server from the old box there are a number of differences to those which I create through the VM interface. Webmail was one of those differences. Apache directives is another, with the imported being about half the size. I can post a copy of each if you wish.

Is there a way to import in a way that will make the imported servers be the same as those created on the new box? There may be other differences that I haven’t found yet though.

Thinking on a bit further. perhaps I should create the VH and only export/import the users, mail, website, files and database (I’m sure I’m forgetting something in that list).

Thoughts/comments would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Well, before you go making importing a Virtual Server really hard, I’d take a look at the config file for a new Viirtual Server, compare it to one you’ve imported, and see if you can see anything that seems significantly different :slight_smile:

I’d be kind of surprised if there were any huge differences…