Imported Site - Redirects

I have a Vmin site imported from cPanel. There was a redirect from / into /site, which continued to work after the import…and I never thought about it, because it was what I wanted.

Now, I have installed a new Joomla instance at /joomla and want to redirect to that instead.

I tried a bunch of permutations to get this effect, to no avail. The only thing I could get to work is to redirect /site to /joomla.

But this makes me uneasy, since there are now two redirects, including a phantom one that I can’t see.

Besides, I used the script installer, and want to rename the /joomla directory anyway, without losing the ability to auto update.

Any assist would be appreciated.



cPanel tends to use .htaccess files to handle configuration – look in /home/USERNAME/public_html/.htaccess, I suspect the redirection that cPanel setup is in there.

And then, you can just tweak that to point to your Joomla install.

If you really want to "move" Joomla to a new directory, then easiest is to install JoomlaPack (free backup component)

It works extremely well, and you can save the backup, install Joomla to a new location, and then just restore from the backup, all in a few minutes.

Only item is to move the backup outside of Joomla before deleting the old install!

Hey, GREAT! Thanks to the .htaccess tipster, I have done some housecleaning on the .htaccess file in /public_html. There were some directives there that related to long deleted apps. Now there is just the one redirect, and something about All and -indexes, which I seem to recall prevents directory listing.

The other issue: I have Joomlapack, and know it gets excellent reviews. Have done a few backups but no restores :slight_smile:

The problem is that I want to retain the benefit of the "instant upgrades" with Install Scripts.

If I move Joomla, I lose that ability. Even if I rename the directory, I probably lose that, right? I know that there’s a Magic Update component for Joomla, but I think I trust the Vmin team more than the dev of that component.

It’s a detail, but I want it to resolve into maximum ease AND stability for my virtual server :slight_smile:

Thanks, All for the assists.


If you wanted to manually rename a directory, you’d just need to update where Virtualmin is looking for that particular directory.

You can do that in here:


Thanks very much. I am going to address that tomorrow, then!


Uhhhh If you installed Joomla and then move it to a new place no matter what you use to do it with any updates that VM Pro does for that install will never do a update.

The locations of every install is written to a file for that domain.

There are two ways that I’ve personally done to “move” a Joomla site and still have it “registered” in Virtualmin, neither of which involves editing any Virtualmin files, although I’ve asked for the ability in the past to “import/attach” this type of thing into Virtualmin, similar to importing a whole site.

One way is to just rename it, if you had first set it up with a separate subdomain. A separate domain ( also gives (IMO) some extra security if hacked, since it’s isolated.

Second way is to install a fresh Joomla, and then just erase the files and reinstall the backup version, which is why I suggested using JoomlaPack, which creates a good install package using YOUR data as the "sample" data.

Both ways work, I’ve used them both. I haven’t successfully used their kickstart method, however :frowning: