Important for Virtualmin Staff - Make users to know what Virtualmin do and how easy it is!

Hi there!

For more than 2 years, I’m trying to find some solution for stop to pay cPanel licences. Then I’m always trying to get out of cPanel but every time something makes me forget it. I leave and stay with cPanel.

I have some skills but I’m not expert on Linux. I can install Lamp server and make it working without any problems, but for some reason I always using cPanel.

Why I’m using cPanel?

  1. Auto Install with every thing working, and i have sure it’s good!
  2. Config Server Firewall plugin for cPanel. That makes me more secure. (I think).

OH MY GOD BUT… today i have discovered Virtualmin CAN DO AUTOMATED INSTALLATION OF LAMP! And we have a CSF plugin for it too!

2 years to discover this? Today I have found a post on webhostingtalk with a user says:
Webmin: Your server administration.
Virtualmin: Your domains and users administration.
Usermin: Your web site owners administration.

What a new users think about this names?
WEBmin (That WEB says… web site, web hosting control panel).
Then, always when I try to use this to do a webserver, I see that a full server control panel, with so many options. Very useful control panel for server administration, but for web sites and users administration, not too easy.

Virtualmin (Virtual machines administration / like SolusVM, Virtualizor). And it’s not… It’s a very good WEBsite control panel. AND WE HAVE the INSTALL.SH with do a FULL LAMP SERVER instalation. 1 or 2 command lines, and you have full lamp server with full control panel.

Did this post for staff know what newbie webmin/virtualmin users think, because I know when we are developers, we think it’s easy, but sometimes it’s not easy to users understand.

Sorry for the bad english and THANK YOU!
Now I’ll start to use my new server with my new control panel! =)


We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying Virtualmin! :slight_smile:

Note that if you have existing domains in cPanel, you can migrate those Virtualmin by going into Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server, and point it to your cPanel backups.


I always have people go into the Webmin tab and start mucking around trying to create sites and whatnot, I usually hide it after I have done the install so they can’t get in their and access the individual modules.

I always thought Virtualmin was “Virtual-server admin” as in multiple web sites.

Very good!

I’m using virtualmin now i some websites.

Maybe some image on the first page of webmin and virtualmin website can do it, and users will see that’s easy

A image like this:

WEBMIN ->>> Your server hosting control panel
VIRTUALMIN ->>> Your web hosting control panel
USERMIN ->>> Your web site owners control panel


Well… hard to configure SMTP to work.

More than 8 hours trying to put smtp to work and no luck. =(

If you’re having problems getting something in Virtualmin to work, feel free to post a Forum message about the issue so that you can get some help :slight_smile:

My recommendation would be to make a new Forum thread… in that thread, let us know what problem you’re having, what errors you’re seeing, and if you see anything unusual in the email logs (either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log).


I’ve used Virtualmin for a number of years.

it really is very easy for everything to run out of the box, that was why I started using it to manage websites in the first place, followed on using Cloudmin Physical for multiple servers. I use it as an Admin, but don’t let clients use it much.

I also set up a backup server at home (using Clodumin you can have a complete backup of websites should you main site go down - it will take an hour or to to restore this but it is easy to do as Cloudmin Replication will restor all web site, dns, email accounts, email folders, files - everything)

original title is spot on.

and as Eric says they will always offer help if you ask.