Import existing mail users a bit too enthusiastic


I’ve imported an existing (mail) domain in Virtualmin, giving a Perl regex to find existing mail users.
Unfortunately, the regex was a bit too inclusive, so I imported some users that were already in other Virtualmin domains.

I would like to correct this by hand (there are only a few users mistakenly imported).

I cannot find the files (under /etc/webmin/virtual-server ?) that list the mail users for a a domain.
I looked into the doc including the dev docs and googled as well…

Any hints ?

– Jean-Marc

I’m answering to myself : in fact, this “import” changes the group of the imported user (and the group of the files in its home and /var/spool/mail as well).

Changing back the group of the user and its files reverts to normal.

Glad you figured it out, thanks for letting us know how you did that!