IMAP!! imapsync and fetchmail for multi folder e-mail sync

Hi Everyone,

So I finally got things working and configured the way I want. Now I am trying to move all my e-mail from my old server. I used fetchmail first, but this does not do a recusrive on all my sub folders automatically. Yes, because I have many sub folders in my INBOX. folder. My old host us running courier mail server. So I tried imapsync next since I have used it to move/sync mail before. However, for some reason imapsync does not copy anything saying that my “folder does not exist” on the desitination server (i,e. my new virtualmin managed server.) So unless I specify each folder manually using the --folder argument, then nothing happens. Why is this? Is it because dovecot is not compatible with the Maildir format used by courier? Because from my experiences with imapsync in the past, it has recursively copied all my e-mails automatically from one server to another painlessly and completely automatically. If the destination server did not have a folder, it would create it. How come it is not creating it in this case? I know dovecot is highly configurable, so would it be possible to make it use a format compatible with courier so that i could easily perform my migration? I only have a few days left before I need to have everything backed up from that server, so I would really appreciate some help with this.

By the way, I used imapcopy as well and it worked but did not completely copy everything. Some e-mails were not copied.