I'm waiting for answers.

Dear Administrators,

Yesterday I sent you two e-mail. But do not get an answer. I looked to my account. The doc did not receive a license there. Yesterday I sent you an e-mail, please respond to you? Thanks … Good day …

Yesterday I sent the last e-mail as follows:

Dear Administrators

Please cancel your order (1 x Virtualmin Unlimited Annual Renewal - $ 164.00
SKU: revm0).
and have returned the money taken from my credit card.
But it was a misunderstanding. Rather, I wanted to buy Virtualmin 50th Annual License. Am doing this so you cancel the order. After receiving a cancellation confirmation e-mail I’ll buy Virtualmin 50th Annual License. Thanks …
Hidir Kirmizikaya


Thanks for your interest in Virtualmin!

What I’d recommend doing is opening up a support request using the Support link above, and putting this exact message in there. Joe or Jamie will then be able to give you a hand.



Thank you for your short answer …

I submit to you, but I’d like to get answers to e-mail. I hope this issue will give the required response.


As documented on our contact page, email requires up to two business days to be responded to. In this case, you received a response the next day.