Im getting a 404 error when I go to my new virtual server

Im running a windows server 2022. Inside it I have virtual box running Ubuntu 20.4. I have the network bridged. When I go to my virtual server domain I am getting a 404 error.

How have you configured the Windows Server, is DNS correctly setup and responding OK internally/externally. You have network adapter bridged, how do you route or setup the route for DNS? Your virtual domain server, does it work using the local IP address?

So I deleted the DNS from my windows server as I was having issues with IIS. dns is set up through Cloudflare. It should be working. I ran a DNS check all records are propegated and cloudflare name servers are set to my domain. I have port forwarded 80, and 10000, and the virtual server is using a local IP address. I am not sure how to get it to use a public IP.

This is due to my router opening port 80 on port 80… I called the manufacture they’re escalating the issue lol

Also check other firewalls that may be at play e.g. windows firewall, Debian firewall and obviously your router.

Any ideas on what else could be blocking my connection @Whoops

I don’t know. There are so many variables and it also depends on your level of expertise. From reading above doing an external dns check, it looked ok. Assuming your cloudflare part been correctly setup and dns ok, it should be visible with the external ip (if ports forwarded ok). This thread is getting mixed with the other thread, a bit hard to follow.

Your vm should have an internal local ip, did you confirm http://IP works from local pc/windows? Is your external public ip dhcp or static. Do you use dynamic dns?

It did work locally. Im actually uninstalling the windows server and booting up straight from ubuntu. Well see how that goes.!

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That fixed it. Im connected publically! @_@. Thanks!

Windows not passing dns :slight_smile: glad it’s fixed now :+1: can be frustrating.

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