Icremental Backup Failure after upgrade to 4.132.gpl


I updated my Virtualmin instances to 4.132.gpl from 4.12.gpl and now I am experiencing backup failures. It seems to happen only for incremental backups, the full backup works just fine.

The following is the error it fails with:

Failed to open /home/[host]/.incremental : Permission denied at /usr/share/webmin/web-lib-funcs.pl line 1397, line 1.

Hope you can help me figure this out.



I’m experiencing the exact same problem here. I checked the current permission, but I noticed no differences with other domains that do get backed up.


You guys may want to open up a new Support Request using the “Support” link above, so that Jamie can go over the issue that you’re seeing and make sure that’s handled properly in the next release.

It sounds a little bit like this issue here:


But the above issue is different enough that your issue may warrant a new support request.



I created an issue here: