I need to run a cron job

Operating system: CentOS 7 (64bits) + Webmin and virtualmin
OS version: 7 (64bits)


I need to execute a JOB that is getting complicated for me.

I have tested it from the command line and it works.

It is a python script but it runs with behave (Welcome to behave! — behave 1.2.6 documentation) is to perform an automation with selenium.

To run it I need to go to the directory where the project is located, for example:

cd /var/www/project

and once inside the directory execute

behave -n “execute”

I have tried a thousand different ways but it does not work for me,

I have also tried to create a sh but it does not work for me, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot a greeting

If the job has something like cd /var/www/project && behave -n “execute” and it doesn’t work, could crontab be running as root when it needs to be the owner of the Python script?