I need to increase the CPU limit


I installed virtualmin on a 16GB Ram, 8 CoreProcessor server. I have a php page that needs a lot of CPU power in order to be processed. The page stops because it hits the 30 seconds time limit per script. At the time of processing the cpu usage doesn’t pass 7%.

I want to increase the cpu usage limit but i don’t want to increase the time limit. I have set the CPU resource limit to 90 and Process limit to 90 but with not luck.

Is it possible to increase the cpu usage limit so i can get tasks done faster ?



There isn’t anything in place that would be limiting the CPU usage of your application… it’s likely just not able to take advantage of more CPU than it currently is.

It would be possible to increase the time limit given to a PHP app to run though… you can do that by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and there you can set “Maximum PHP script run time”.