i need a plugin to frequently install svn php 6

can someone help me, im willing to pay, name your price.

I don’t think this can be done and php6 is still in beta/RC release so I am curious why you would be wanting to use this on a production server.

Second why a plugin ? You only need to install it once.

Third VM does not even support 6 yet so there would be a lot of hard coding involved here. It’s not going to be a plugin at all.

Judging by the OP, I’m assuming what your after is:

either a cron’d checkout make install for the current SVN release of php6, or a ondemand install available from within Virtualmin same as above, is that correct?

Also as stated, a full-blown php module to support php6 would involve a lot of coding, however if your comfortable with PHP config, it would certainly be possible to do a basic plugin supporting the checkout, then configuring the compile options, allowing a make install after a successful compile.

For the config it would then be simplest to have a basic “edit php.ini” form giving access to the config file, and also probably a module loading handler.

If this sounds like what your after, feel free to contact me to further clarify what your requirements are