I need a dedicated server

I am looking for a stable reliable dedicated server. I don’t need cheap.

I was paying $65/month for a dual-core with 4 gig of ram and a 160 gig harddrive with software RAID mirroring.

I am currently paying $99/month for an 8-core with 32 gig of ram and a 2000 gig harddrive with hardware RAID mirroring, but there are some network issues so I need to find a new home.

Can anyone suggest a good dedicated server company?


What country for the data center?

I’m open to suggestions???

I use European data centers been using Hetzmer.de and Online.net for years and no problems. Hetzner have a server bidding area, worth a look, whats the server for exactly?

Virtualmin, couple hundred domains… hope to run Debian 9.

Maybe give Sharktech.net a try, they are solid and within your budget.

Thanks. I ended up going with 1&1 for $99/month (32 gig of ram, 2 TB hdd in hardware mirroring RAID) but they forced me into a 4 gig root partition… and there was a fight over giving me a static IP… they were trying to force me to use a dynamic IP. I eventually got a static IP, but I’m not impressed. And I should’ve been allowed to specify a larger root partition. When my contract runs out, I will go with https://www.hostwinds.com/ for $116/month – you get what you pay for, right?

Hi Jim,
I will suggest you a better solution with a lower budget. Dedicated server with 36 TB of HDD, 8 Cores, 16 GB of RAM, 1Gbps , 2 IPv4 addresses with IPMI included : at only 69$/month.
Coupons: INSANE1, INSANE3, INSANE6, INSANE12 worth: 46 USD, 138 USD, 276 USD, 552 USD
14 days refund.
Setup fee : 19.90$ (not refundable)
Feel free to create an account. It’s free. The support is available for any inquiry feel free.
Additionally, you can have every Leaseweb service available at www.leaseweb.com with at least a 10% discount

I’m slowly migrating all my sites over to Linode.

Have been using them for a while and am very impressed with the speed, and price.

Currently paying a managed host $60+ for 2CPU & 4GB RAM - Linode offer the same (unmanaged) for $20/mth. Add $9 for Virtualmin = over 50% saving per month and $360+ per year.

Why not just forget all this and put them up on amazon aws, google cloud, or Azure? Surely this is a better option?

I think the days of single stand alone dedicated servers for hosting are well and truly numbered.

Yes, I’m also using our dedicated servers from Leaseweb. it’s really pretty provider.