I messed up postfix on Virtualmin, any guide on manually configuring it?

Is there a way to rerun the postfix installer for Virtualmin? The configuration Virtualmin initially loaded to postfix worked, but I can’t find any way to reinstall postfix with Virtualmins settings.

I’ve reinstalled postfix and tried manually configuring it and all emails were just going to root. From looking around I may just have to back everything up and reinstall virtualmin?

If you deleted your virtual map file (and maybe some other maps), you’re gonna have to recreate your users, or manually recreate those maps.

You can go from a default Postfix configuration (one created by a fresh package install, making sure you didn’t keep the old config files) with virtualmin config-system --include Postfix

This depends on at least one other plugin, though, (Network, maybe others) so it might mean you need to tweak some stuff after if it undoes some config you’ve done. But, should be minor, if anything.

Hopefully you have backup of your /etc/postfix/virtual, at least, though, as that’s where your user maps live. Again, you’ll need to recreate your users from scratch or manually re-add all of the user mapping.

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