I just purchased Virtualmin Pro but cant upgrade

I just purchased Virtualmin Pro but cant upgrade. I added my serial number and Key pressed upgrade and I got the following error:

Failed to upgrade to Virtualmin Pro : Virtualmin has been installed from an RPM, but not using the Virtualmin GPL repository. Upgrading is not possible at this time.

If I cant upgrade how can I get a refund?

My advice is - uninstall what you got now and try install.sh script provided for pro version. It will do all work for you (if you got a supported system). Refund is crazy. You’ve just entered the WORLD. Trust me. Webmin and Virtualmin is THE SOLUTION. Try before you give up.

Try fresh system.

AND READ THE F******G documentation please.

Really trust me.

Sorry for hard words.


Well, in theory, the upgrade should be possible. A re-install is undesirable for a variety of reasons.

Where I’d start is by filing a support request in the Issue Tracker. You’ve purchased Virtualmin Pro, so you’re entitled to support for that.

You can file a bug here:



I’m working with azadmin now to get things straightened out.

To add some explanation:

The upgrade tries to stick as close as possible to how you installed Virtualmin GPL. But, it only knows about a few possibilities (and there are practically infinite possibilities for configuring Virtualmin, if you do it on your own, without the automated install script), and if it see one it doesn’t understand, it gives up, because it doesn’t want to break anything.

In such cases, we are happy to perform the upgrade for you, manually. We’ll even drop in on your box to perform the upgrade–it’s not all that time-consuming, it just takes a bit more intelligence than a script can manage, as on non-standard installs, we have to keep many variables in mind (particularly the mail toolchain, as it can be wildly variant, and changes can cause mail delivery to fail).

As for refunds, we’re also always happy to issue a refund. Just send us an email at refunds@virtualmin.com. There’s a thorough discussion of it on the Terms and Conditions page. But, we aren’t sticklers for policies–just let us know if you’re unhappy and we’ll fix it or give you your money back. We’d rather not have someone as a customer than have an unhappy customer, so we’ll do whatever we have to do to make you happy.