I have read several posts with an issue using Virtualmin w/ Ubuntu 18.04/Netplan.

The specific issue is around creating virtual servers and assigning private IPs. Once you reboot, all of the IPs get lost and Virtualmin complains that the server IP has changed.

I have done a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.2 (Official AWS Provided AMI) and Set a FQDN hostname and installed latest Virtualmin under VPC. Install of Virtualmin was error free.

I can create virtual servers fine and give them private IPs and assign public IPs via AWS console. This works and serves sites fine. The network interface in Webmin > Networking > Network Configuration > Network and the interface all look correct.

However, when a reboot occurs, the network interface loses all the IPs for the virtual servers and defaults to the incorrect IP. It actually changes and defaults to the highest IP. Example, the server IP is, all virtual servers will have their own private IP as,, etc… But once a reboot happens, all virtual server IPs are lost and defaults to

I have no issue with this on Ubuntu 16.04.

My questions is, is this still a known issue? Is there a configuration change that must take place to work with multiple IPs?

I spent few months now and I still cannot fix it, developers don’t give a s (looks like)