I get same update message every day...why?

Every day I get an update notification from Virtualmin GPL saying…

Checking for updated Usermin modules from http://www.webmin.com:80/uupdates/uupdates.txt

Update needed for module blue-theme to version 1.371.
Fixes problem : Left menu categories do not expand properly on IE, and the login form is too wide

I can’t find where or how to do this update? Perhaps is should be simple and obvious but I can’t see it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, Virtualmin can be configured to tell you of available OS updates for your server.

You can perform the packages updates, as well as configure the notifications, by going into Virtualmin and clicking "System Information" on the bottom-left".

In there, you’ll see it tell you that there are N updates available, and you can have it install them.

I’m aware of that and have used it in the past. I just went there now and the only update available was the openssl.

Nothing about the theme.

I’m still getting the same message every day? Isn’t there a way to figure out why I’m only getting this one message that never goes away? I get other update notices and apply them all but this never leaves?