I don't like the new theme. How do I get the old one back?

New 17.50 version fixes lots of bugs and delivers new White Snow color palette, which resembles old Virtualmin Framed Theme. Also, you can tune colors using range sliders - very useful for those having old monitors or not perfect eye sight.

Please tell me if new contrast theme works best for you.

Please upgrade.


Hello Ilia ,

thank you for the response on the “” character . I think the solution can also resolve weird characters in the tab name .

For the most annoying issue , page of Command shell and Linux firewall module that can be loaded without ending the script unauthenticated/js/package.min.js , what I can tell you is this .
For the command shell , i just saw it on firefox but not all the time . I never tested it for chrome . But for the Linux firewall module it was reproduced every time on the latest Firefox and Chrome with fedora (21 , 22 ) and Windows 7 . I thought perhaps it was because my linux firewall page contains too much ip but I am not sure . In firefox you have to end the script unauthenticated/js/package.min.js manually to load the page . In chrome it is not even possible to load the page at all . But perhaps if I am the only owner of a server with this issue , it must be something else .

I have switched back to the framed theme now . When I got time , I will see if it is reproduced with a “not too full” linux firewall page and let you know if you want to .


…And, there are some areas where Authentic is actually faster…

Yes, it will be even faster in the future. After new mail, I will try to make Webmin/Vurtualmin/Cloudmin fully use AJAX requests and don’t reload the page at all. The appearing right page loader will go and as a result it will be fully in 21 century. Not using iframe will not change speed much.


Guys, if you have anything that you don’t like or say, go ahead, post your thought under Authentic Theme’s issues, propose your ideas… I will consider all positive thoughts and enroll them.

Yes, please. Let me know! The best would be is to see video-screencast - it’s very easy to do.

I would make the spinner an option and not a default setting. I find it a bit annoying.

You can disable it in settings - Enable spinner for navigation menu. Besides it almost never show, only when loading really takes long, like on System and Time module and in some other processes. Thanks.

I’ll give you all a slightly different perspective on themes.

You might have noticed that when you read reviews about HD-TVs, computer monitors, and laptop displays, reviewers sometimes mention contrast ratio. This is essentially how different the blacks are from whites. And since many reviewers keep mentioning contrast ratio, and how a higher contrast ratio is better, there must be something to that, right? Keep this mind as you read on, because you will need this in a second.

A website theme that presents text in shades of grey or any colors other than black and white is, in effect, lowering the contrast ratio of your monitor. The more faded the shades of color, the worse is the effective contrast ratio of your monitor. So you paid good money for, say, a 1000:1 contrast ratio. But when you are at a certain website that uses a certain theme, the effective contrast ratio is now, say, only 500:1.

It’s like buying a car that can go at 100 mph and finding yourself stuck in rush-hour traffic.

In about 500 years of book publishing, you will note that one thing has been consistently true: Books are published with black text on white paper. Even though technology has made many other choices possible, publishers stick with black-on-white for the majority of the text, adding color and shades of grey only here and there. Even brightly-colored glossy magazines confine all the color to the pictures and still present the text as black on white.

Maybe they’re on to something.

Sounds very valid but as you and I understand there as many opinions as people. Someone likes and uses what you say and one would use something absolutely opposite.

This is why I added White Snow theme and controls for contrast, brightness and other filters right in the theme’s settings (17.50+)

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

White Snow looks really good.

My “slightly different perspective on themes” was not directed towards your theme per se, by the way. It was directed toward the common argument that everything is a matter of opinion.

:slight_smile: Thanks for advising!

By the way, what does it mean when you prominently call it an HTML5 theme?

Usually when somebody emphasizes HTML5, they are replacing some previous inadequate/evil/ugly mechanism (like Adobe Flash or JavaScript) with HTML5 features. But when I disable JavaScript, your HTML5 theme gives me a blank page. So you are obviously not replacing JavaScript with HTML5. And previous themes did not require Adobe Flash, so you’re not replacing that either.

What inadequate/evil/ugly mechanism are you replacing with HTML5? What exactly does the new theme do with HTML5 that could not be done before without HTML5?

As to why I call Adobe Flash and JavaScript inadequate/evil/ugly, just consider the popularity of web browser extensions that block one or the other. There must be some reason why so many people want to block them.

Running Virtualmin 5.02 on CentOS5 server. Trying different themes. Switched to a couple different themes, then tried to go back to authentic theme. It will not change back. Any suggestions?

Hi guys, I would keep authentic as the only option and framed theme if not developed any more - should be removed. otherwise keep old framed theme as fallback…

Does the “new theme” show disabled domains as “listed in ITALIC” ???

The “old theme” does, and it’s a GREAT feature! : )