I do not receive mail

I am new to webmin. I have installed it in contabo vps. Along with virtualmin and usermin. The web works well, but the mail I have a problem. I can send mail, but I don’t receive anything. I have used usermin and roundcube. Should I configure something in webmin? Or in VPS contabo or in the domain manager?
Thank you

Hi Santre

Did you configure your MX record ?

I’m bundled with DNS
I have DNS at the domain provider.
In the VPS Contabo.
And in virtualmin.
Which of the three is the one that I have to configure?
When I point the nameservers to the contabo VPS hosting, does the DNS of the domain provider no longer generate changes? Are changes made from contabo’s DNS panel? Or the changes in the DNS are made from the virtualmin panel?

domain provider nameservers point to DNS manager contabo and VPS nameservers point to virtualmin. Is that so?Thank you.

In VirtualMin open Server Configurations > DNS Records. You can recreate the records in your DNS Provider from already created records on VirtualMin.

if your DNS Provider have option to import DNS records (Like CloudFlare), in VirtualMin DNS records, click on Manually Edit Records. Copy the content to a file and import to your DNS provider.

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