I do not find the option to backup to BackBlaze in Virtualmin 6.13

Operating system: Centos
OS version: 7.8

Hello, I see in the changelog that you added support for backing up to BackBlaze since Virtualmin 6.13, but I do not find the option in “Backup and Restore”.

Thank you very much.

Install today’s Webmin / Virtualmin updates and look again. :slightly_smiling_face:



I have the following versions:

Webmin version 1.960

Usermin version 1.810

Virtualmin version 6.13

and I do not see BackBlaze under “Destination and format”

What am I missing?


It’s only in Pro, probably. We add new features to Virtualmin Professional first, and then…some indeterminate number of months later, it probably comes to GPL (though some features that are either very expensive to maintain or are targeted at making money with Virtualmin will always be Pro-only).

This is a feature that will eventually come to GPL, though I don’t know how quickly.

Actually, I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure it did go into GPL (I see code for it, anyway). Not sure why it’s not showing up. Still looking…

Virtualmin > Backup and Restore > Cloud Storage Providers

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In this menu, I only have Amazon and Rackspace…

Are you using the GPL or Pro version? Using Pro, I have

None of them are configured in my case because I’ve been using rclone to back up to Backblaze since before Backblaze was supported in any version of Virtualmin (or any other panel I know of); and because it’s worked flawlessly, I haven’t bothered to change.

That’s also an option for you if you want to do it that way. You just have to install and configure rclone, and append a properly-formatted call to rclone as a “Command to run after backup” in the “Schedule and reporting” pane in “Scheduled Backups.” It’s worked flawlessly for years on any server I’ve managed, regardless of the panel (or lack of one).


I am using the GPL version. Probably this is the problem…

But in the changelog of the GPL versión, they added BackBlaze in the new features:

---- Changes since 6.12 ----
Added support for backing up to BackBlaze.
Added a cron job to clean up old PHP session files.
Fixes to creation and update of per-domain Dovecot SSL certs.
Improved the template page for website options when Nginx is in use.
Better handle PHP FPM package upgrades done after domains are created.
Massively improved support for MySQL / MariaDB user and password management.
Improved and preserved indentation for Apache configs.
Fixes for IPv6 addresses in SPF and default DNS records.
Fixed bugs caused by removing domain features in the wrong order.
Improved locking for domain database files to prevent overwriting.

There isn’t a separate changelog for GPL and Pro (accident of history). It should have been labeled as “Pro”, if only in Pro, though…so I’m not sure. If you don’t see it in the Cloud Storage Providers, we can probably assume it is Pro-only for now. e.g. Dropbox was (maybe still is) Pro-only for a while. We’ve gotta encourage folks to help pay for development somehow, and gated features seem to be the only thing that really moves the needle enough to make it work.

I’ll try to encourage Jamie to more carefully label things as Pro-only in the changelog, if they aren’t in GPL.

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I didn’t know that the changelog is the same for the 2 versions.

Thank you very much for your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be very interesting that you publish what are the new features of both versions.


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