I am running PHP 5.2.9, How do I update to 5.3.0 ?

I am running PHP 5.2.9,

Is anyone running 5.3.0 ?

Is it stable ans would it be a good idea to upgrade ?

I already see a couple of functional improvements that I would like to use.

So, if it is a good idea…

… How do I update my server to 5.3.0 ?

Do I do it via the VirtualMin or WebMin control panel ?

Well, first off, how to upgrade something on your system is going to depend on what distro you’re using.

That said, there’s no Virtualmin provided version of 5.3.0 at this time for any distro.

If you’re a CentOS user, I’m sure at some point 5.3.0 will find it’s way into the bleeding edge repo, as it becomes more common and web apps begin to support it.

But in the meantime, if you really require it now, you’d either have to compile it yourself, or find an alternative repository that provides it :slight_smile:


OK - thanks
I will wait then :slight_smile:

That’d probably be my suggestion. A 5.2.12 update should be showing up in the Virtualmin bleeding edge repo soon, and that’d be a good one to update to… but I’d probably hold off on 5.3.x until distros start packaging it, unless you find that you or your apps really begin requiring it.


Is there current documentation on setting up the bleeding edge repo? The only docs/forum links I could find link to the old (unmaintained) version of this doc.

I’m familiar with packaging systems, but not very buff on CentOS yet. I want to set up the bleeding edge repo (just use the old doc and links?) and need to know:

  1. where do I put the bleeding edge repo url?
  2. where do I put the yum includepkgs option?

My Specs:
CentOS 5.4
PHP 5.1.2 (need to upgrade to 5.2.6)
x86 processor
Virtualmin 3.77 Pro

Thanks, in advance!

Hi Kato,

Actually, although labeled as unmaintained, that document does correctly describe what you need to do to move to the bleeding edge repo.

At the very bottom of the document is a step where you install a package named “virtualmin-bleed-release-1.0-1.rhel.noarch.rpm” – that package configures the repo for you. When your done, I believe you’ll have a new file in /etc/yum.repos.d, which is configured to use the bleed repo. If you wish, you could put any “includepkgs” lines in there, though most folks don’t use that particular line with this repo (there’s not that many files in it).


Sweet! And so easy. Thanks in bunches!

The repo is at /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin-bleed.repo; I added:


and ran:

yum clean all
yum update

Working splendid.

Another option.

Add the c5-testing repo and instasll centos 5.2.10.
There were talks in the #centos channel the other day about moving it to base or even the centos updates repo.

c5-testing isn’t setup by default.