HyperVM/LxAdmin/Kloxo migration

due to recent (known) tragedies, are there any plans for creating migration tools for the various LxLabs products?

Well, there’s a most along these lines that I can’t find at the moment – but, Joe had suggested that this could be a possibility, but he’d need to see an lxadmin backup file.

If you happen to have one available, you could email it to joe@virtualmin.com, and just make sure you mention in the email that it’s a backup file for lxadmin.

He (or Jamie) will take a look at it and see what’s required to allow Virtualmin to import it.

due to recent (known) tragedies

I read this a lot, but I don’t read what is going on exactly. Is there a news article somewhere?



I have had my Hypervm/Lxadmin VPS wiped out twice in 2 years, 100% data loss, luckily I had weekly backups but many were not so fortunate.

I have just installed, configured and manually rebuilt my vps using webmin / virtualmin, and are really just beginning to understand differences / capabilities / limitations etc.

Presently running with all services enabled @ approx 300mb memory.


I have a hypervm admin backup that I would be willing to provide if it will help with migration from hypervm/lxadmin.

As this is not my living and just a hobby, I only have a handfull of clients / domains which would probably be easier to reverse engineer, rather than a huge backup file with hundreds of domains.


Thanks for your generous offer!

Is there any chance I could get your contact info (ie, your email address)?

What I’d like to do is get that in Joe and Jamie’s hands, so that as they’re steaming forward here, they can ping you if / when they’re ready for a backup file (and it’s possible they could have a question or two for you if that’s okay).

If that’s okay, could you shoot me an email, at eric@virtualmin.com, and just mention the word lxadmin in it somewhere?


Done !!

sent you my details as well

Ok, well I have just enabled greylisting (first time) and now all my emails seem to have a have a big delay, no problem if I receive them within a couple of hours of them being sent, don’t have any emails from you and not sure if you have any from me !!

Had a look at the mail log and it seems like there’s quite a lot of stuff queued up in there !!

Will switch it off if expected mails don’t arrive soon.


Well, greylisting is good :slight_smile:

In theory, it should generally take roughly 20 minutes to receive any message – often less.

The bad news is that I just discovered that my “eric” account on Virtualmin.com is a little zonked at the moment. They usually forward to another account I have, but something broke after the server migration – that certainly explains my lack of messages over the last few days! :slight_smile:

So I’m waiting for folks on the west coast (where Joe and Jamie live) to wake up so I can get back into my account there. But, I suspect your email went through just fine, and I’ll be in touch shortly just to let you know I got it.


or leave it on and whitelist virtualmin.com :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me as well if you need any help with this, I would love a way to automatically backup LxAdmin/Kloxo and restore it on Virtualmin, that would be amazing :slight_smile:


This would be mighty helpful!

What we’re after is a backup file containing a wide variety of features – dns, email, aliases, databases, and so forth.

Is that by chance something you can lend a hand with?

If so, can you shoot me an email, at eric@virtualmin.com? Thanks!

Hi Eric;

Did you upload my hypervm-admin backup file as if so I will remove it from the ftp site.

It does contain databases, dns, emails, aliases etc etc.



Thanks – yeah, I recall Jamie saying he downloaded that yesterday.

If there’s anything else we need, we’ll let you know. Thanks again!