Hello, in the admin panel I get an answer, all is ok with the certificate.
But actually, it is not working as you can see.
Why is that?


This is your problem:

This server could not prove that it is ; its security certificate is from . This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

It looks like you’ve applied a certificate for the wrong domain to that domain.


Hello, yes, you panel is redirecting.
You panel is not working correctly with SSL please check.
I install SSL virtual servers and is not working

lol. It’s your server. We can’t fix your server for you. You’ve misconfigured it.

Could be a DNS issue. Could be that you’ve mixed * and IP virtual hosts. Could be that you’ve got some virtual hosts configured outside of Virtualmin that do that, or something else that can cause the wrong site to show up.

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No, I didn miscunfigure anything.
I t was working fine.
I did refresh licence and glitches started.
There is 50 sites, all the time it did work.
I did try more subdomains, from different domains.
Can you please chck problem?
I can give SSH access

We strongly prefer not to login to customers servers (for a variety of reasons), but if you want to send a PM to staff you can include your virtual host configuration for both and and we may be able to spot why it’s not working as expected (I suspect there is an IP vs. * issue, or similar).

Thanks, I did send to styff logins.

You still have SSL issues. Your link is now secure but the other link has no certificate at all now.

Your server is not configured properly. As before.

The error message is specific and already highlighted as above by a ‘misconfiguration’. Regenerate certificate on both domains but think about which domain is meant to be your ‘Default Services Certificate’.

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