httpd version - is it old or is it just me?

The current updated version of the official httpd is:

The updated Virtualmin httpd version is:

Is it being kept up-to-date with the official version?

If it’s an equivalent of a more advanced httpd version, then what is the way to know the ‘real’ version?



The version being used by Virtualmin is a slightly tweaked version of Apache that comes from RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux.

Most distributions ship with a certain Apache version – and throughout the life of their distribution, they backport bugfixes and security updates into that Apache version.

So Apache you see available from Virtualmin should mirror that being provided by RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux, and contains all the current bugfixes and security updates.


Thank you Eric.

I’ll take this question to CentOS…

No, need to take this to CentOS. They copy everything ‘byte for byte’ from Red Hat. So go there :slight_smile: Or install Centos 6.1 (or better Scientific Linux 6.1).