not working

none of my subdomains are working. This is what the browser returns: We did not find any results for

i use virtualmin pro.

I also need help with setting up my own dns servers.

How did you create the subdomain? Is it a sub-server account, or an alias? (Hopefully it’s not a subdomain account type, as that has been deprecated and is hidden by default in systems installed with our install script. The sub-domain account type should never be used.)

When you look in the BIND module, is there an A record for the subdomain name?

Are there errors in the Apache error_log in /home/domain/logs? (Or in /home/domain/domains/subdomain/logs/error_log, if this is a sub-server account.)

cejey wrote:

I also need help with setting up my own dns servers.
so you registered a domain name at godaddy and pointed the A record to your IP, which is at home probably behind a router of some sort? And you have 1 static IP?

scenario 1 at godaddy’s control panel:
To register your own nameservers, you will need 2 IP’s. However perhaps godaddy will allow you to do the following (I did this with
This is by rule not allowed however the cpanel will take it and only 1 will be accepted as was my case at namecheap.

so now you have your pointed to your server and BIND on your machine can do the rest.

scenario 2 at godaddy’s control panel:
Point all records to your IP
A, MX, PTR and so on.
Create A records for your machines nameservers needs an A record.
If you create and on your box then also for these you make A records at godaddy.

Now your box can be found through godaddy’s nameservers and BIND on your machine will do the rest for all the other domains you create…

You can also register domains and use your local nameservers as you have A records for them at godaddy.
In all cases above your IP is your external IP.

Of course my answer may make no sense at all but you’re not giving very much details about your setup.
It is difficult to give a proper answer if you keep secrets.

Also if you happen to be looking in a LAN environment then you’ll need to add the IP and (complete) domain names in your hosts file on the computer where you are browsing with or use a proxy.

Joe: i did not see any errors related to

Ronald: I have 2 permanent ip addresses. I actually bought 3 ip addresses from the isp but the third one is not working on my current switch for reasons i dont know. i called the isp, they said it may be a cache problem.

Yes i register domains through godaddy and use their dns.

my ip for virtualmin is and it is not behind any router. the other two are and

This is what i have on godaddy dns for

Total DNS: (Available)
ARecord @
CNAME ftp @
CNAME email @
CNAME hosting
MX @

i have also created host records on godaddy: (it was 19, but changed to 20 today)

yes it is a subserver of
yes there is an Addres record for pointing to

now i have a new problem: i am unable to access but if i access through the ip i get the content of i am able to access other virtual servers served by the same box with their domain name. e.g.

Well is working now. was working which had a cname to instead of @, so i changed the cname on godaddy dns for from @ to hopefully it will work too after an hour or so.

but i want to host windows on one(out of three) ip

then call the machine (hostname) and use that as the first nameserver. even easier. create only eth0:1 and use that for Ask the ISP to make a rDNS (PTR) for

then eth0:2 for the 3rd IP for windows or if you have it a second interface (eth0:1).

here is an article about dual boot systems

no no not dual boot. i want to run windows server with on a seperate pc

no no i want to serve windows server on a seperate pc.

I advise you to register your own nameservers at godaddy for your domain and let bind on your box do the work for you.

Assuming the box is called: (hostname)

point the main IP to the hostname of the server, at eth0 ->
then create 2 virtual interfaces on eth0 called eth0:1 ( - and eth0:2 ( -

In the BIND module - zone defaults, choose as the Default nameserver for master domains instead of using the hostname and add " ${DOM}. 38400 IN NS " to the servers template - Bind dns domain-BIND DNS records for new domains.
Then in the zone file create A records for the ns records

All domains/servers created are shared on and ask your ISP to make rDNS (PTR) for your hostname on that IP.

Give it 24 hrs to propagate and every domain + email should work out of the box

I check domains with and

you dont want cnames and your current mx record is not okay as it doesn’t point to your hostname and there are no A records now for the ns records. Also you can save your time by making an A record at godaddy every time you create a domain

this is how I did it anyways

Same here. I posted a solution that worked for me at:

Search for the comment posted on June 26, 2009 and titled “Solution - Edit sub-server template”.