HTML Settings in Usermin?


before I start: sorry, if the answer is already anywhere in the forum, … I did search, but there was no answer.

I’d like to edit the settings for the HTML editor used in usermin. First thing to start, is simply setting another standard font and font size.

Where can this be done?

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Hmm, I’m not sure I follow what you’re after – though maybe something isn’t working quite right for you.

Whenever I go to compose an HTML email, I’m presented with a dropdown above the email message that allows me to select a new font, font size, make it bold or italicized, create a table, and other options.

Are you seeing those options when composing an HTML email?

Or do you mean something else :slight_smile:

Have a good one!



surely I get the dropdown options etc. But I’m a little lazy and tired of setting the same font and font size over and over again at begin of a new email.

I’d like to see verdana and font size 2 already set as default for my emails for example.



Yeah, I don’t know of any way to do that, but you’re certainly welcome to file a feature request along those lines :slight_smile: