.htaccess not working with FCGI on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 with the latests Virtualmin (Commercial Version). I already installed a few demo apps (Joomla, Wordpress, …) and everything works fine so far except that i cannot modify any settings using an .htaccess file.

I already verified that AccessFileName .htaccess is set in apache2.conf. In the domain configuration there’s also the AllowOverride All directive present. But no directive I add to the .htacces file is recognized or changes anything in the configuration.

Is there any other configuration (file) that I missed? Or any other clue why it’s not working?

All the things you’ve mentioned so far sound good… the .htaccess usually works out of the box.

Are you seeing any errors in the error log for that domain (in $HOME/logs/error_log)?

Also, you may want to verify that the permissions for the .htaccess file are correct. I’d make sure that it’s owned as the same user who Apache is running as (which, in theory, would be the Virtual Server owner, and also the same as the directory the .htaccess file resides in).