Howtoforge service diable script

Howtoforge has a script that disables several services:

* acpid
* anacron
* apmd
* autofs
* bluetooth
* cups
* firstboot
* gpm
* haldaemon
* messagebus
* mdmonitor
* hidd
* ip6tables
* kudzu
* lvm2-monitor
* netfs
* nfslock
* pcscd
* portmap
* rpcgssd
* rpcidmapd
* sendmail
* smartd
* yum-updatesd

to improve server performance.

They recomend this is done before a virtualmin instal.

Anyone with thoughts on running this on an active server?

Well, I can’t speak to this script in particular, but I’d always recommend removing services you aren’t using :slight_smile:

Many of what show up in the above list would only exist on a desktop system.

OTOH, things like smartd could potentially be useful for monitoring the status of your disk drives.

You could always just go into Webmin -> Services -> Bootup and Shutdown, and remove services you don’t need (including many on the list above).