Howto set up NFS ?

I am a newbie here, using webmin & virtualmin cause I feel it is better than WHM/Cpanel in some way, so far I am happy to use it as my daily server management.

I try to setup a NFS, using my Linux-server-1 to share some disk space to Linux-server-2, I config the NFS export in webmin in Linux-server-1, and try to mount it at server-2 but failed, without any documentation and help I think I will never succeed on this, so, pls help.



there is documentation starting here:

Once its set up I think the webmin module may help administer it.

Thanks, but can u teach me steps by steps ? Or is there any web pages got this steps by steps instructions for dummys ?

That is a step-by-step tutorial. At the bottom of the page on the right it let’s you click “next” It says what to do to set up nfs.