Howto separate virtual server user home folder into many folder in server

Standard feathure: all folder, data stored in /home/USER/…

Howto can modifie this:

/home/USER/ contaings only mail, script…etc data
/srv/USER/ contaings user WEBSITE data eg.: php and more config, weblogs, cgi, php…etc as ./tmp, ./public_html, ./cgi-bin…etc.

This feathures is separate user folders as functionality and allow more security options use (exec, partition setings…etc)

I use more server into one user: nginx, apache, tomcat, nodejs…etc.
The WEB and backprocess files is storing into /srv/USER/ ./public_html, ./node, ./java
The /home/USER/ store mails, separete files, executable scripts eg. openoffice, chrome.

Pleas help me, howto configure this in virtualmin!

I don’t think Virtualmin supports this kind of scenario without considerable manual intervention. You can configure where it stores virtual servers’ home directories, but you can’t have it separate mail and web files and so on.

This would be a nightmare to implement, and it would break a lot of things, if you want this kind of separation, put your sites & users on separate servers.