howto allow end users to create their own databases & access info


How do I allow end users on VirtualMin to create their own databses, usernames & passwords?

On cPanel, a user call john (for example), can create any database (within the set limits) as john_xxxxx and create usernames as john_yyyyyyy

How do I allow this in VirtualMin?

Users can go into “Edit Databases” to create new databases, and “Edit mail and ftp users” to create new users (yes, even database users).

If you aren’t seeing those options, take a peek in Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits.

You’ll want to make sure their max number of databases hasn’t been reached. You’ll also want to verify “Can manage databases” is selected.


awesome, thanx :slight_smile: The admin settings solved the problem. But now I need to figure out how to get the database that I created as root in Webmin into this client’s VirtualMin. Any suggestion on that?

I unfortunately don’t know of a good way to do this, you’d likely need to manually edit the config files in /etc/webmin/ in order to add it.

It might be simpler to use mysqldump to dump the database contents, delete the database, then have Virtualmin add it… at which point you could then import the data back in.

No, it’s not seamless by any stretch of the imagination, but it would work :slight_smile: