How'd you go about troubleshooting DNS configuration and resolving propagation issues?

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Related packages Kernel and CPU Linux 5.15.0-106-generic on x86_64

I’ve been trying to use custom dns for my vps but so far no luck getting it to propagate.

My domain registrar is Namecheap

I’ve registered my Personal DNS servers pointing to my VPS IP address.

I changed my domain nameservers to Custom DNS ns1.${DOM} and ns2.${DOM}

( and

I created the Virtual Server in Virtualmin and set the DNS records accordingly.

How should I go about troubleshooting dns configuration and resolving propagation issues?

Have you done this?

You don’t seem to have any nameserver set at all, that is the correct name?

That weird I see them in the whois, sounds like what ID1OT said, the names haven’t been created.
My registrar and any other registrar I used won’t allow me to use names that don’t exist. Also I would use all lowercase, not sure it would matter but looks better.
If you have created the names raise a ticket with Namecheap

@ID10T and @stefan1959,
Here’s a screenshot showing that I did indeed register my nameservers.

you server times out, I think your behind a firewall. Athough its showing on port 80 as I see the website.
If port 53 is open, the I’d raise a ticket with Namecheap and see if they can diagnose.

I presume you have enabled dns


I get this with nslookup

I added port 53 to the firewall policy.

Let’s see if that does anything.

Let me test…still timing out. Is it both udp and tcp?

That I can’t answer because I really have no idea.

Whats this on? Firewalls should have that option.

Oh I see it now. It’s TCP.

I’m using IONOS VPS

But I can change it. I’m not sure which is preferred.


excellent :slight_smile:


Thank you @stefan1959!

You are amazing!

How can I properly thank you?

It’s been weeks trying and on the phone with support and namecheap support chat and nobody could tell me it was the dns port.

I really appreciate your help.

God bless you!

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No problem :slight_smile: