How to wipe everything and reinstall webmin/virtualmin the correct way on Almalinux

OS type and version Almalinux
Webmin version REQUIRED

I have encountered many challenges since the release of virtualmin update and support I have received has linked it to a wrong installation.
Please I will like to follow the right method.
My Questions

  1. Is Almalinux good or I have another that’s better which I can use?
  2. What is the best way I can wipe old installation and install fresh webmin or virtualmin… I dont even know the difference between the two as they are always together.
  3. I use wordpress and laravel which requires many php extensions that I need easy installation without having to fight before I install them.
  4. I use contabo and it gives access to do whatever I like as they say…

Please can one really guide me here. I want to do this the right way without having issues. Thanks

It would be best to wait for VM version 7 before installing onto Almalinux.
I have had success with this link to the script

This is not in master yet as far as I know.

Docs for Auto install.

Its the best method for installing VM.
I use vultr as its cheap to do testing on due the charging method.

VM comes with a WP install script and works well out of the box.
What php extension are you talking about?
VM comes with only one php version installed, but its very easy to have many version.

This forum is very active so there plenty of help.


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