how to view the web panel via domain name

I have successfully installed virtualmin in my ubuntu server 16.04.

Previously, i just go to the internal ip of my server to view the virtualmin web panel.
My question is after add one virtual server (exp :, how to access the virtualmin web panel with the domain name. Because after i go to, it redirect to the local ip which is not accesible via the internet.


Make sure you allow webmin access in enabled features…

Create Webmin login?
If selected, a Webmin user with the same username and password as the Unix user who owns this domain will be created. This user will be able to use Webmin to manage the domain’s website, DNS domain and databases, if enabled.

I have enabled the webmin login, now when i type, it goes to which is a local ip. I want to access my virtualmin web panel via Can anyone help me with this?

if you type in https://whatever-you-want:10000 it will work. But when you only put in, it then forwards to https://machine-name.

Either change the hostname of the machine or type in https:// each time.