how to use phpmyadmin with Virtualmin GPL

hi all after much searching I have finely got phpmyadmin working for Virtualmin gpl. and I thought I would share it with every one in case others are completely lost like I was.

disclaimer let me start off my saying I am a complete noob when it comes to Linux and vps/ds servers coming from a windows cpainel/shard hosting environment so I am still learning and I am sure their are better ways to do this but this works for me. it may or my not work for you

now I am going to assume a few things here

  1. you are running on Ubuntu(like me) or Debian
  2. you have root access
  3. you have WinSCP this helped me a lot
  4. you installed Virtualmin with the Install Script

now we are ready to get phpmyadmin up and running

  1. you need to get phpmyadmin istalled I just apt-get it

[code:1]apt-get install phpmyadmin [/code:1]

2)now start up WinSCP and set it up for sftp to your server

3)you will need to go to /usr/share/ and you will see the phpmyadmin thar

  1. now log into Virtualmin and create a new host the only Enabled features we need on it is "Web virtual server enabled?" name it like or what ever you would like. and create it.

  2. now go to Services > Configure Website and find the path to the sits public html folder shuld be like /home/phpadmin/public_html

  3. back in winscp go into the phpmyadmin folder and hilight all the files and folders in thar right click and then duplicate in the target directory put the path /home/phpadmin/public_html and hit ok
    another pop up with come up hit ok then it will probably ask you for your password once its done go to the url in your web browser and you shuld get the phpmyadmin log in screen

you now have a globule phpmyadmin page that all users can access their DB threw.

NOTE: if you have not already done so in Virtualmin you will need to set you root password for your mysql as the install scrip dose not do this on its own and that is a big hole that should be fixed. (bug report filed)