How to use Auto Reply but without replying to spam?

I’ve setup an auto reply while I am away. But I am getting LOADS of message delivery failures from random addresses/servers. On closer inspection it looks like the auto reply is replying to all the spam messages coming in, for which their email addresses wont work (hence me then getting a bounce back).

How do I prevent spam getting my auto-reply? I dont want to alert spam software I have a working email address. I dont advertise it anywhere online, so I dont want any response to them. This is obviously quite important. I have disabled my auto reply now.



I am going away soon for 2 weeks, does anyone have any idea how to do the above?

I dont want email marked as spam getting my autoresponder. I get too many bounce backs from non-existant emails and it also tells the spammer the email account exists.

Thanks a lot

(sorry, no, we all just have to deal with the bounce backs)

Its not just about dealing with bounce backs, but preventing spam bots knowing my email is legitimate and then increasing spam to it. Its quite important not to reply to spam.

Is there a way to create a custom rule that says “If message is NOT spam, reply with message xxxx” - anyone know how to implement that?