how to use an Imported System Image

I don’t know if I’m missing a step here and I cannot find any info about this.

I have imported arch linux for example using Cloud Settings -> Import system Image and in New System Images they are present. But when I got to create new KVM instance I cannot choose any of the local images. I can choose any cloudmin has predefined and are downloaded but none of my local images are there.

Am I missing something?

IN cloudmin, virtual system owners, account plans, system images… is the image listed and allowed for the plan?

yes they are there actually. I even tried creating a new plan and chose one of my custom images. When I go back to create new kvm instance and choose this plan, it still installed the selected image under Cloudmin system image!?

it seems as though this is an old topic and problem. It is a little hard to believe this would not have been solved by now?

more about this topic on this one, which Jamie commented about a fix that did not work for me. IT was already set to ide