How to update


I’ve seen that a never Version of Virtualmin is available, but webmin does not update it. How can I update it manually (without loosing data)?



Although i dont know if the auto update is up. I know joe was working on fixing it. But essentially a yum update would do the trick as soon as the auto updates are up and running.

As Faisal mentioned, yum update should get all of the latest software.

I suspect EA2 and beyond will enable nightly automatic yum updates–though this is a somewhat controversial change to the system (I consider it vital on my boxes, but many folks are uncomfortable with automatic software upgrades).

Anyway, you can trigger a yum update using the Webmin Software Packages module, or you can issue the following from a command line:

yum -y update

The “-y” is optional–it just says “assume yes” to yum so it won’t ask you if you really want to update everything that has available updates.

Yes i would be a bit uneasy with auto yum updates. Maybe the option to turn this on off would be cool.

I don’t have yum because I’ve a MandrivaLinux system, not RedHat or Fedora.

Are you running Virtualmin Professional or the GPL (free) version? If it is GPL, then you can download the latest version manually from here:

However, if you are running Virtualmin Professional, then I don’t believe that Mandriva is officially supported yet, but it should be when EA2 is released. For more information, see this thread:


I’ve now tried to install the nerwer one over the older one. It seems to work. Thanks for the tipp.

Just a question about the updates, does that mean the GPL version is on 2.6x but the Pro version is on 2.9x?

As I noticed on the news that 2.9x is out but on the webmin site we can only download 2.6x Thanks

Yes, Virtualmin GPL trails Professional by a few revisions, though it is likely that a proper division into two different version trees will occur at some point–there are some features of Professional that will get merged down to GPL sooner than the GPL version getting bumped to a new major rev. Having the versions the way they are now will be confusing in the future (if it isn’t already), as there will come a time when Virtualmin GPL is at version 2.97, but may not have all of the features of the current Professional 2.97 (and will probably have several features that neither currently has). Things will definitely be confusing at that point.

As I’ve mentioned in the FAQ, the GPL version receives backports of “non-commercial” oriented features in Professional long before more commercially oriented features. Reseller features aren’t high on the agenda for backporting, for example, while bug fixes will find their way back to GPL simultaneously to Professional. Some features will be backported on a “few months behind” basis, though we aren’t sure what those features will be yet.