How to turn off email bouncing on Virtualmin Pro?


Where on Virtualmin Pro do I turn off automatic email bouncing (i.e. return email to inform sender of unknown user etc.)?


OK, after finding nothing in the Wiki (i.e. documentation), I searched the forums and found what I was looking for.

Catchall Email

I had previously set a catchall email alias to bounce all emails without a valid inbound email address. Totally forgot about how I did it.

The above post reminded me.


  1. > Virtualmin > Go to the domain name of your server

  2. Edit Email Alias

  3. Delete the email alias that applies to all mailboxes and configured to bounce.

Done. Better add this to the Wiki so dunderheads like me know what to do in the future.

Isn’t the default behavior of Postfix (and any mail server for that matter) to bounce emails without a valid address? I don’t see how having this “bounce catchall” or not would make any difference.