How to treat .ASP files as .htm files?

Pardon my newbieness…

I’ve got a user on an old RedHat box that I need to migrate to a Virtualmin box. His website is all static HTML files, but the extensions of all his files end with .ASP even though none of them have any VBScript or anything other than standard HTML in them.

My Virtualmin box won’t process the files as if they were .htm files, and instead, displays the raw text of the .asp files. How can I get the box to just treat his .asp files as if they were .htm files?

I tried modifying his .conf file (and forgot what all I tried), but saw no change. One of the things I tried was

AddType text/html *.asp

but it didn’t work.

Any other suggestions??



I might try doing something like this in the VirtualHost block for the domain in question:

AddType text/html .asp

Make sure that’s in the VirtualHost block for the domain with the ASP code. Also, you’d need to restart Apache afterwards.


Actually, I have that already, yet the server wants me to download the file

  • /etc/apache2/sites-available/ --------

<Directory /home/>
AddType text/html .asp

I even put it outside of the Directory section, right above

 AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

but all to no avail.

I restarted Apache just to make sure. No dice. Any time I try to browse an .asp file, the browser asks me if i want to save the file.

Any other guesses?

Weird. I hit the Apply Changes button and it took. Maybe I’m more of a newbie than I thought. I’ve restarted apache - I’ve even rebooted the entire box and the changes to the .conf file didn’t take.