How to test whether page is working or not before I made DNS change?

I am a sysadmin that just entered the company past 4 months. This company hosting many website in Amazon. Suddenly one day, The VirtualHost server down. This company using paid virtualmin pro. So I am as a beginner did some google search

  1. launch new instance
  2. Setup virtualmin
  3. Transfer all the file from S3 to the server and found that none of the website working although Apache is responding
  4. Then found , go to Server Configuration --> Change IP Address and chose Shared Addess for all server

All the website working using same IP address!! I dont know why it happen.

Now, I have another problem, where this company also have standalone server that having one website.

They assigned me task to transfer that website to Virtual Server. They said setup this website environment in Virtualmin as virtual server. Then over the sites and make sure that as a test site, they are working perfectly.And make URL change without noticed by the customer because this is Live server.

Okay. My problem is when I created a Virtual server, as an example, and I transfer all the file from S3 to the server. How to test whether “” page is working or not before I made DNS change?

Go to Virtualmin - Services - Preview Website to see if the site is working properly

why are you surprised that all websites are on same IP. That is common practise in shared hosting (mind the shared)

Thanks Ronald. I finally understood how its working!!! You save my time… Thanks!!

I use the hosts file to do my testing, just open the file with a text editor (windows)
“C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” If your on windows vista or 7, make sure you run notepad as a administrator, or you won’t be able to save your changes

then add to the file like this,

this will make your computer think that is on instead of its real IP address. You can just put a # sign in front of the line to comment it out when you are done, or just delete it.

Hi Ip86,

Your idea seems cool but for the server Im using Linux operating system, CentOS. Im connecting to it via puTTy although Im on Windows.

How am I possible to run something like you said?

You don’t need to do anything to your CentOS system, you need to “trick” your windows box into thinking the site you are testing is at a different IP address.

For example, I can make my system think is at like this

Hi Ip86,

This is how I test

  1. add “” to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file

  2. type at my window and press enter

Am I wrong since it is not working?