How to suppress JS repositionning on login page.

How to suppress :

if (window != { = window.location;


On the loging page.

(My goal is to integrate webmin in an IFRAME)



That’s part of the actual theme, I’m not sure that’s a configurable option that you could tinker with.

Short of modifying the actual theme – if that JavaScript is posing a problem for you, what I’d do is file a bug in the bug tracker, and plead your case there :slight_smile:

Create a new theme that is either a copy of Virtualmin Framed Theme, or has symbolic links to all of the files in the Framed Theme, except the one you want to override…I’m not sure where that code comes in…looks like session_login.cgi, so you’d just need to override that one file with one that doesn’t include that code (if you create a file called session_login.cgi in the theme directory, it will be called instead of the base session_login.cgi).