How to stop Yum from running

Since Virtualmin was installed on my server,

YUM seems to be running at random intervals.

My system does not have enough resources and yum causes it to crawl when it tries to run (30-60 seconds to login with SSH using RSA key for example). TOP command confirms YUM is using the resources.

I already removed yum-updatesd,

Changed Virtualmin Package Updates to No, wasn’t sure if each catagory of updates was different, but all Check for updates on schedule? are set as No.

Searching and looking for answers to this, other then removing YUM, I have not found a good solution.

Where is the setting causing this to run at seemingly random times?

Thank you for your help,



That may be due to “collectinfo” running.

If you go into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Status Collection, you can set “Interval between status collection job runs” to a higher number, or disable it altogether – as that’s just for collecting stats on the system, including checking for new packages.


collectinfo would run, sometimes with yum, sometimes without, yum would run sometimes with collectinfo, sometimes without.

I modified the collectinfo cronjob manually to have it run once a day, but collectinfo didn’t appear to be related.

I turned off check for package updates with Status Collection, I thought this would have checked the logs. I will see if this fixes.

Seems silly to have a spot for Virtualmin to check for updates, and have another in status collection.

Thank you for your help, I will continue to monitor.