How to share my server's 2nd IP with more than 2 domains?

Hi everybody,

I have a problem using Virtualmin, i share the original IP with lot of domain, but i want to share another IP with an other lot of domaine (sorry for my english).

I’ve make a new server (with virtualmin) with my 2nd IP, all it’s ok. ( (Private to this server))

But when i want to make a sub server or an other server using this new IP, i use :

Network Interface :
0 Shared on 91.121.XXX.XXX (1st IP)
X Virtual Interface With IP (input text) 87.98.XXX.XXX (2nd IP) |x| Already active

i’ve checked the 2nd purpose and put my 2nd IP in thefield (checkbox already active checked)

But when i try to validate (with or without checkbox already active), Virtualmin says :

Failed to create virtual server : The IP address is already used by virtual server

I check m interface on Webmin and we have
eth0 = 1st IP
eth0:1 = 2nd IP

Any idea to solve my problem?

Thanks to all

If you setup an IP address as a Virtual IP for a given domain, it can only be used for that server.

To allow an IP address to be used for any server, what you’d need to do is go into Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses, and setup your new IP address as being shared.


Thanks, it’s work, but i need to restart machine after changing any “virtual server” ip, if i don’t, apache dos not restart…

Not very important…

Thanks for all