How to setup Virtualmin effectively for an Email Marketing Plateform without SPAM?

OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Webmin version: Last version installed by “wget
Virtualmin version: Last version installed by “wget
Related products version: DigitalOcean Droplet (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)


We will soon be launching our first Email Marketing project similar to Mailchimp, mailgun, etc …
We already have our own VPS server but our main concern is how to configure the SMTP Server in “Virtuamin” so that our future users be able to make their Emailing campaigns successful ???

Clearly, we are looking for the most reliable way to successfully configure our SMTP or POP servers so that Emails sent from our Maketing platform by Email are efficient and go directly to the inboxes of business customers or clients. who will use our services ???
We want to prevent Emails sent from our Email Marketing platform falling into SPAM or being considered as spam.

Your advice will be welcome.
Looking forward to your various responses.

Virtualmin, even the GPL verson, can use used to host potentially unlimited domains and create one or more users under each hosted domain such that each user has his own POP3 / IMAP and SMTP credentials. There is also documentation available (which, I infer from your post, you have already used) on how to install and configure Virtualmin for it to be used in a full service web hosting environment and this includes SMTP server setup and configuration which is done by default as part of Virtualmin’s install process. If you have installed Virtualmin, you already have a SMTP server configured and ready for use.

If you use the Virtualmin API, @chegmarco, you could easily run a fully automated SaaS type service, again with just the GPL version of Virtualmin. Such is the power and breadth of functionality that Virtualmin offers and you are right to choose Virtualmin over other control panels available.

The flaw that I see in your plan to replicate a service such as that you will run Virtualmin on a USD 10 per month VPS from Digital Ocean. Or a USD 50 per month VPS; same difference. When you use the power of Virtualmin to send out tens of thousands or even millions of messages from a low cost server, it is the VPS host (in this case Digital Ocean) first and foremost who will restrict you. The other hurdle that you will face is that the big boys of the net (Google, Microsoft, etc.) will refuse to accept mail from the IP address of your VPS, once you begin to send out messages in some significant volume. This then is the flaw in your plan even though you have chosen the right platform - Virtualmin - to create and scale your service and it is for this reason that we do not get to see too many SMEs in the web hosting industry being able to replicate the MailChimps of the world.

But you are welcome to try. All the best!

You need a expensive “mailscore” account and kind of “hard whitelisting” account at one or more from those services.

Before if you don’t have a good reputation on mailserver and maildomains a nogo whatever Control Panel.

Default is no reputation or even bad ( block) reputation if the ip range of your hoster has a bad…

If you are BIG enough you can try to be a member here or sponsor that could help maybe . :slight_smile:
read there lot of info’s

Hello all and thank you @calport very much for your intervention. It will serve us greatly. Already, we’re down to a $ 24 USD Droplet per month, not $ 10. However, can you give us an exhaustive list of emailing domains that may reject Email Marketing campaigns from our servers or from our IP address after a certain period of time ???
We will use a PHP script to sort among the many files or databases of emails, these emails belonging to the services of this giants of the net so as not to send them emails. We will also require it from our customers.

So, can you help us complete the list of these email services which may later blacklist our Email Server ??? :,,,,

Please help us to specify the list of services capable of rejecting Email campaigns coming from our IP Server.

Looking forward to your help.

This is not really on topic for Virtualmin forums.

Commercial mass email isn’t really what Virtualmin is for, and while Virtualmin does manage mail services and helps setup a basic mail server for both sending and receiving and various processing, if you’re goal is sending millions of emails (presumably with consent of the people you’re sending mail to), you’re probably going down the wrong path. We’re focused on managing web services with a bit of email management thrown in to cover the common use cases for web applications (i.e. sending notifications and regular user email). Bulk mail is not among our goals.

You should post on a forum dedicated to sending bulk email, if there is such a forum. I’d rather this forum not go in the direction of enabling spam (even if you’re not sending spam, this kind of conversation is the kind spammers have). You won’t get blocked en masse if you aren’t sending spam en masse.


Afraid Christmas wont arrive near you any time soon. As said above by Joe. Visit one of the numerous sites covering mass mailing to pick up ideas and general knowledge. If you are starting an email marketing platform and you dont know the impact from original question - I mean… I am surprised.

as whoops said, also surprised you want to start a bulk mail service and you ask virtualmin forum for help…
not knowing email/bulk mailer guidelines won’t get you far… you need a lot of reading and must prepare a long todo list of mail protection techniques, before setting off…
a new smtp in some cheap vps service, sending bulk mail without any measures will probably end in blocklists pretty soon and therefore become useless…

my 2c.

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