How to setup PowerMTA with Virtualmin?

Does anyone have experience setting PowerMTA with Virtualmin? I read online PowerMTA replaces Exim, which is installed with Virtualmin. But I cannot find ANY install guides online about PowerMTA. I have no idea what is involved. Google PowerMTA and its a lot of people saying they can do it for people, yet I cant find any instructions to do it myself.



Virtualmin actually uses Postfix, rather than Exim. Virtualmin has very basic support for Exim, if I recall, but it’s not fully supported, and there’s a lot of things that wouldn’t work properly.

Unfortunately, I suspect PowerMTA would have similar problems, and isn’t likely to be very well supported.

Is there any particular functionality in PowerMTA that you’re after?


Oh yes Postfix not Exim, got mixed up. Customer has Interspire and uses PowerMTA to speed up sending of emails and rotating different IPs. They’ve asked me to set it up, but I like using Virtualmin/Webmin to manage servers, so was hoping PowerMTA can work within Virtualmin. Maybe it does, but I cant find any help on installing it.

In order for that to work, PowerMTA would need to be a drop-in replacement for Postfix. The config files would need to use the same syntax.

I wasn’t able to find out if that’s the case in some quick Googling – however, that’s where I’d suggest starting if you wish to use PowerMTA. Without it using the exact syntax, Virtualmin wouldn’t know how to manage it.


Thanks, I may install a dev Virtualmin server and give it a go, see what happens. I am no expert though! But will update what i find if I get round to it.