How to setup new subdomain for email management?

When I create a virtualserver automatically it creates an alias of mail[dot]domain[dot]com or webmail[dot]domain[dot]com, and they redirect to Is there any way to configure the to get the content from /roundcube folder I have previously installed?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hello @alxploiter and welcome to the community.

I would recommend that you point webmail.domain.tld to the /roundcube folder; and leave mail.domain.tld unchanged from the default settings applied by Virtualmin.

@calport Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any gui interface option where I can do this update?
I would would be happy not to mess with the config files manually.

This operation can be carried out via the Virtualmin GUI. To redirect webmail.domain.tld to /roundcube folder:
Virtualmin --> Services --> Configure Website. Click Edit Directives, find the lines which say

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} =webmail.domain.tld
RewriteRule ^(.*) https://domain.tld/20000/ [R]

Change domain.tld/20000/ to anything you want, e.g. domain.tld/roundcube/. You must restart the web server after this. You may also wish to do the same for Virtualmin --> Services --> Configure SSL Website.

Also see

Yes, that’s the reason we admins install Webmin / Virtualmin, so that we can:

  • configure servers quickly and easily
  • avoid typos and mistakes that inevitably happen when doing things by hand
  • bring about standardization for setup and configuration across all systems
  • automate routine operations via the Virtualmin CLI
  • adhere to the best practices that we define and wish to follow

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