How to setup new domain on Virtualmin

Centos 8:

Dear experts

  1. I have a new domain in Google Domain (example-domain. com)

  2. my internal IP is
    (with this IP address Virtualmin works OK)

  3. my external IP is ( for example )

How can I make it work

like blog.

so, I want to make it accessible from my external IP to (blog.

could you help, I’m pretty new in here

thanks for your help in advance.

Hello @samito and welcome to the community.

To add a new domain (or virtual server, in Virtualmin lingo) you need to quite simply:

Virtualmin -> Create Virtual Server.

Enter the blog.domain.tld and whatever password you want to use; keep all other settings at their default values and it should work the way you want - Virtualmin should be able to handle the internal and external IPs automatically.

You have pointed the DNS of your domain to the NS of Virtualmin, right?

Dear Calport

Thank you so much…

only one thing that I don’t know how to setup DNS records on my Google Domain,( I know how to put the value,) but could you guide me how to pointing to my Virtualmin


what will be my NS (name server)? where should I go to setup NS??

thanks for your help


This should answer all your questions

You really should RTFM and the messages on these forums a bit more, @samito. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have one question.

I have VPS (CentOS7) and Virtualmin installed years ago. Recently I have sold primary domain, and now I want to use another domain as primary (existing domain on my server). How to do that? Change hostname or there are some other configuration to do? I’m asking, before try anything because domain I want to use is working site and I don’t want to break something.

In short: oldhostname (sold), and now I would like to have to be primary.

@IvanS, your Q should be asked individually… :wink:

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