How to setup IPv6 only Virtual Server?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.2.1 Pro
Related packages Ip Address Change


How can I setup virtual servers with only IPv6 ips ? No IPv4 configuration on any virtual servers.

And if I setup server’s physical interface eth0 for example with public static ipv4 + ipv6 and then setup all virtual servers with just ipv6 ips in same /64 subnet as the eth0 ipv6 then,

  • First question is how to achieve so?
  • And second question is will I still need NAT64 / DNS64 setup for to and fro traffic from ipv4 devices on internet to ipv6 virtual server to work?

Any suggestions?

Would that mean that IPv6 only setup is not possible on Virtualmin/Webmin?

IPv6 only should work, except, some of the “Servers” (Apache2, BIND9, MariaDB, Postfix, Dovecot) might expect an IPv4 address and maybe fail when there is no public static IPv4 address on the entire system for it to listen on. You should try it and see how it works. I don’t remember an option to disable IPv4 address from virtual servers. Usually each virtual server (domain) shares one IPv4 and also has its own dedicated unique IPv6, assigned out of the prefix of IPv6 provided by your host.

Thanks quite appreciate your comments.
Yes I can see the same behavior that no option to disable ipv4 in Virtualmin - Virtual Server → Server Configuration - Change IP page. I can disable ipv4 in Webmin - Networking - Network Configuration - Network Interfaces - Interface edit page - Ipv4 Address - No address configured option. But as soon as that is selected ipv6 virtual server IPs become unreachable.

Ok so BIND9, MariaDB, Postfix, Dovecot (I have NGinx) have their own limitation of IPv4 requirement or whether that restriction is coming from virtualmin implementation?

I thought ipv6 should work alone without any dependency on ipv4 and in fact should replace IPv4. My ISP is saying 48% of the traffic in their network is already on IPv6. There are forums found on google suggesting go for IPv6 ONLY setup instead of dual stack.

Even if I have single public static IP configured on interface and use that as shared across all virtual servers, problem is that if due to any virtual server if IP gets blocked then all the virtual servers will be affected which is why I want each virtual server to have independent public static ip.

Not sure if the emphasis on ipv4 mandate is coming from NAT64/DNS64 requirement as without ipv4 services won’t be able to reach ipv4 devices on internet and won’t be able to be reached from them.

Thanks again for a quick hand.

You should try this free online IPv6 certification course, it shows you how to get all those services working on IPv6, so that when you turn off IPv4 on the server, all your services will still be reachable from the internet.

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